The 3M company has been applying science to life since 1902. By far the biggest player in veterinary wraps and taps, a Fortune 500 manufacturing over 60k products and everything from tapes to power tools. 3M takes pride in the innovation and research that goes behind their products. In fact, they say that one third of their sales come from products invented within the last five years.

Practical smart animal health products from 3M include:

  • Bandaging tape
  • Immobilization
  • Wound management
  • Surgical
  • Skin health

3M has been serving the animal health industry for over three decades, providing high quality products to veterinary professionals and pet owners. 3M Vetrap™ Bandaging Tape is considered the original cohesive wrap for equine and small animals, giving them both softness and strength. It’s a highly preferred by veterinarians and pet owners because of its properties:

  • Conformable for a better fit and no slippage
  • Self-adherent - sticks to itself, not to hair or skin
  • Fast, easy and pain-free removal
  • Holding power and consistent compression
  • Reduces edema
  • Absorbs minimal moisture
  • Porousness allows skin to breathe
  • Many colors

If you speak with someone at 3M about vet wrap, you’re likely to feel a sense that they consider 3M to be the originators of wraps for veterinary use. This is why you’ll hear some in animal health circles refer to 3M as brand vet wrap and all others as generic. The similarities in spelling of 3M’s trademarked product name “Vetrap” and the general term “vet wrap” cause confusion with some people. Vetrap is 3M’s exclusive product.

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