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    Vet Wrap Blog

    Designing Bandage Art

    Bandage Art from

    Recently we connected with an incredible group of creatives, Bandage Artists, who create all of their artwork using only Vet Wrap. Artists from around the globe contribute pictures on Instagram and show off their incredible talent using vet wrap as their only design medium. And, while the primary use for their works of art is to beautify the wrapping on injuries, they also create bandage or vet wrap art for other uses.

    We spoke to Bandage Artists founder, Jack Dewees about how he and his group create these unique pieces.

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    Vet Wrap for Horses 101

    Girl next to Horse
    Vet wrap is a self-adhering bandage that is flexible and stretchy. Its elastic quality is durable and provides firm support as well as enough pressure to stop bleeding. When it is properly applied with padding such as gauze pads, it will not cut off circulation.

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