A top manufacturer of bandages and tapes since 1976, Andover Healthcare (now Milliken) provides high quality animal health and sports medicine products that are made in the USA. Andover says they are the first company to develop a latex-free bandage that does a better job than latex.

Why the need for latex-free? Rubber latex is widely used in the healthcare industry because of its strength, elasticity and self-adherent properties. Many medical products are at least partly composed of it. A small number of both humans and pets can experience a latex allergic reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex. Veterinarians and pet owners can rest assured Andover latex-free products won’t risk causing a reaction.

Andover has also been a leader in manufacturing cohesive bandages for the veterinary health industry by making strides in:

  • All-in-on cohesive bandages
  • Easy hand tear cohesive bandages for speedy and scissor-free application
  • Controlled compression cohesive bandages
  • Colored and latex-free printed bandages

Andover features CoFlex®, PowerFlex® and PetFlex® lines with each having varying degrees of tensile strength. Andover products are manufactured with linear elastic yarns for even consistent compression. This contrasts with lower quality products made with knitted elastic yarns.

Andover Bandage Chart (CoFlex Vet, PetFlex, PetFlexNL, PowerFlex )

Coflex Vet is Andover’s economical self-adhering bandage for animal health.

  • Provides protection, superior adhesion, yet easy to remove
  • Convenient to use - can be applied fast
  • Works well even in cold weather
  • Does not constrict
  • Sweat/water resistant
  • Provides protection and superior adhesion
  • Controlled compression - will not constrict
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easily removed
  • Available in 1 – 6” x 5 yard widths with many color and print options
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