Vet Wrap Is the New Duct Tape

Vet Wrap Is the New Duct Tape

For years duct tape has been one of the top must-have items in the family household toolkit. After all, it can be used for everything from a temporary repair on a bumper to something seemingly outrageous like constructing a raft (Mythbusters, anyone?) But, now there is a newer product available that is just as versatile as duct tape...

Vet wrap.

While we have been using duct tape for projects for a long time, vet wrap is an equally viable product and can be used in many ways. In fact, it has been dubbed as “duct tape for the living” by many people who use it for both animal and people needs. But in addition the expected medical uses, here are some unique ways that vet wrap is making life easier and more fun.

    1. Organize wires

    Organize wires and cords with multiple colors as well as tie them up so they are out of the way.


    2. Use to make loops for a Christmas tree chain

    Yes, we all remember those paper chains that could be easily ripped and fade with age, so use vet wrap to make a chain that won’t fade. Added benefit, you don’t need to use a stapler and it can be cut with basic scissors, so the process is safer for younger children.


    3. Use in place of crepe paper streamers

    Even better, because of its stickiness, it can be wrapped around the metal pieces of a drop tile ceiling a great deal easier.


    4. Mailbox wrapping

    Having a party? Wrap your mailbox with it, add a few streamers or even use like string for the balloons.


    5. Add to the bottom of your shoes to provide more traction

    If you have ever bought a pair of shoes that were extremely slick on the bottom then you how dangerous it can be. Just a piece of vet wrap on the bottom of each shoe gives you better traction.


    6. Repair clothing

    Quick hem repair for clothing, curtains or other items that you don’t have time to sew.


    7. Luggage ID

    Tie a few pieces around the handle of your luggage to make it easier to identify on the conveyor belt.


    8. Handle grip

    Wrap around a cane or walking stick to add some extra padding for those long hikes. Could also be used on the handle of an axe, as extra padding on hammers, or any other tool where a little extra padding could go a long way.


    9. Bird perch

    Wrap it around PVC pipes, then use those to build a bird perch.


    A Bird Perch created with WildCow vet wrap by A Parrot Should Play.


    10. Gear shift boot protector

    Ride motorcycles? One brilliant rider used it to wrap around the gear shift peg so that it would not rub against or damage their boots.


      11. Koozie

      Wrap it around your drink cans several times and you can keep your drink cooler or warmer. Instant drink Koozie.

        12. Shower Caddy Hanger

        Do you have a shower caddy that keeps slipping forward? Then wrap some vet wrap around the caddy’s hangar, and another piece around the shower head pipe and the caddy will stay where you want it.


        13. Padding for camera strap

        If you carry a camera often or work as a photographer, then you know that those straps can get be uncomfortable and rub the back of your neck. Wrap the strap with some vet wrap to make it softer and minimize the strap rubbing against your skin. You can use this technique for any type of bag strap that needs padding.


        14. Birdhouse repair

          Vet wrap for the birds. Need to repair the birdhouse but not handy with a hammer? This innovative birdwatcher gave the birdhouse an upgrade by using vet wrap to make the needed repairs. Way to go jnpt55!


          15. Watch band replacement

            Watch band break? Replace it with some vet wrap. Good call, careabearasara


            16. Vacuum cleaner hose repair

              Repair a vacuum cleaner hose with vet wrap. It will at least allow you to finish a job (or more) until you get around to replacing the hose. Also works great for repairing standard water hoses!


                17. TV remote repair

                Have a remote that one of your dogs thought was dinner? Vet wrap makes it simple to “repair” and keep on using.


                  18. Shoe repair

                  Use in the event of an emergency such as having your boot’s zipper break and not having time to get a new one. This rider used an entire roll of vet wrap, but they got the job done! Additional shoe repair was done by this quick-thinking vet wrap user.


                    19. Camera lens protection

                    Photographer’s tip: protect your camera lenses’ body by wrapping them with vet wrap.


                    20. Headband

                    Tear off a bit of vet wrap and use it as headband to hold back those pesky fly away hairs.


                    Bonus practical vet wrap use: back for shoe rack.

                    I discovered this when I was writing this post. The shoes keep falling out of our shoe rack and this is a problem when I'm in a hurry and trying to get out the door. So I grabbed a few rolls of WildCow black vet wrap and we made a nice backboard out of it so the shoes won't slide out.

                      Shoe rack backbored wrapped with black vet wrap

                      What are your unique uses for vet wrap?

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